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Making A Hat

I was told that a hat was the perfect project for a crochet noob, and so I was determined to make one as my second project. I had started one before, but got discouraged when I messed it up, and waited months to pick up a hook again. I’m one of those who typically doesn’t like to do things unless I’m good at it, which is ridiculous, because how do you get good at something if you never do it? So, that’s one of the habits I am embarking on a quest to change.

Say hello to the Snowdrift Slouch Hat by Little Monkey’s Crochet. It’s fabulous, and even though mine doesn’t look as nice as the inspiration, I am still thrilled with how it turned out. I love it! And I wear it all the time. (Unnecessarily, as it is still pretty warm here in Texas). I followed the original author’s advice and got Lion Brand Yarn: Vanna’s Choice, mine in the color Wheat instead of the white. It caught my eye at the craft store, and I thought it was beautiful, so maybe I will make a scarf out of it someday.

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m starting to get so excited for Christmas that I can’t get my finger to stop pinning holiday stuff, so look out for some of that fun coming soon!

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