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Learning to Crochet


Hello there! This is my first post here, and it is inspired by another first- my first finished crochet project! I’ve been fiddling around for weeks, learning stitches and making granny squares, but this little purse is the first thing I’ve made with any sort of purpose. Say hello to my beautiful baby girl up there, too! I won’t lie to you and say she loves her purse; she’s a year old and the concept is still a little lost on her, but I’m sure she will be into it soon. I, however, was pretty proud of it.

My mother and her husband’s mother are both into crochet, and very excellent at it, so I had guidance through this, as well as a plethora of undedicated yarn to choose from. I picked four different colors of wool, the gray and three different hues of that lovely purple. I wish I could tell you what exactly they were, but I have no clue. If I figure it out, I will update this post.

The pattern I used can be found at The Veggie Mama here. The pattern was very easy for me to understand as a beginner, and I’m glad I picked it as my first written pattern to follow. She links you to the flower she used, and mine can be found here. It was for a dishcloth originally, but I just ignored all the things that made it a dishcloth.

Obviously, the little handbag isn’t perfect. I could probably point out fifty mistakes, but I don’t think perfection is most important anyways. I’m proud of myself for learning something new, and I look forward to continuing to share everything else I learn how to do.

You can also find my inspiration and all the things I love on my Pinterest.



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